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SEEI- Immediate Energy Saving System

The Immediate Energy Saving System (SEEI) is ERF’s own methodology for energy saving based on monitoring consumption and making changes in management and maintenance with zero or low investment cost.

Online, real-time energy consumption monitoring

  • Expert software. Installation of measurement devices and expert software to view consumption online  every 15 minutes. Applicable to electricity, natural gas and water.
  • Diagnosis of system performance. Detecting abnormal consumptions and dysfunctions in energy systems and other energy-consuming facilities.
  • Validation of savings. Instant verification of the real energy and economic repercussion of the changes implemented in energy management.

Energy accounting and invoicing

  • Invoicing and supplies management. Review of contracted and reactive power. Implementation of adjustments to power contracts.
  • Comparison and automatic validation of electronic invoices for electricity, natural gas and water. Estimates of annual energy costs and simulations of rate change in order to determine the potential saving depending on real consumption.
  • Review of contracts. Management, negotiation and change of power company.   

Energy monitoring for savings

  • Specific reporting. With proposals for management changes in order to achieve more savings while maintaining comfort levels. Automated weekly/monthly personalised reports on costs, invoicing, consumption, climate according to outdoor temperature, etc.
  • Automatic alerts. Custom configuration for the detection of unusual consumption and alarming over-consumption. Detection of water leaks and abnormal consumptions.

And also

  • Visibility of consumptions and personalised messages on environmental awareness through specific webs and/or monitors in public spaces. 
  • Open System accessible to all authorised persons: technical or finance managers, security, users, etc.

The most outstanding projects include: