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Training in the implementation of sustainability measures in urban planning

Obtaining of a check-list of socioenvironmental criteria and its implementation methodology for the city of Barcelona based on a particular case study
Ajuntament de Barcelona


Barcelona City Council wants to incorporate in the urban process new approaches and new working methods focused on the culture of sustainability, appropriate to the socioenvironmental challenges which Barcelona faces.

The working method was aimed at the support to the members of the urbanism team during several working sessions in order to define environmental and resilience criteria which the urban process should integrate, based on the assessment of a particular case study (a detailed modification of the General Metropolitan Plan).



From the working process, a 31 criteria check-list was obtained. The criteria in urban sustainability were balanced according to their importance and classified in three scales: urban environment, site and building. The agreed check-list incorporates aspects related to sustainable mobility, the improvement of public space and urban greening and the reduction of the energy demand and consumption in buildings, among others. 


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