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Forum debate sessions "Ecotrends CosmoCaixa"

Multiplatform project for social engagement on sustainable innovation
2011 - 2015


Ecotrends CosmoCaixa is a debate and a digital platform dedicated to promoting environmental challenges and knowledge. Every season (Sept/October to June) three subjects were developed through a conference programme of three sessions each, aimed at different types of audience (professional, entrepreneurs, schools and general public).

The 11 seasons were devoted to a wide range of subjects, such as: electrical cars (2), flight technology, Internet footprint, future cities, energy efficiency, climate change, biodiversity, the Mediterranean environment, nature and city borders, and food and health.

The aim of the project was to present hot environmental topics and open up the debate and discussion to a broad audience. The scope of the project was to invite well known speakers at an international or national level in order to attract a wider audience and to encourage interesting debates that were also broadcast online.

The lectures and other output (specialised videos, research projects, reports, summaries, resources and links, etc.) are compiled in the website, and on Slideshare.


The main figures and data generated by the project, and its results are:

  • 35 sessions at CosmoCaixa Barcelona (2,300 visitors)
  • 11 topic videos (average 5’)
  • 9 idea/project competitions, with more than 40 projects
  • 6 documents related to electromobiliy and urban greening

The tasks carried out were:

  • Topic proposal
  • Arrangements with with speakers
  • Video scripts
  • Thematic and activity report writing
  • Design of the project competition
  • Digital platform conception, updating of content and communicating the project through social media
  • General dissemination of the project, and press releases

A digital platform in Spanish and Catalan, containing videos of all the lectures, reports and other output mentioned above.

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