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Exhibition “Biomimicry, Designs by Mother Nature”

Exhibition concept, design and curatorship in Barcelona, London, Lisbon and Shanghai
Roca Gallery, Roca S. A.


The exhibition “Biomimicry, Designs by Mother Nature” explains how nature becomes an inspiration for our society.

(Bios = ’life’; mimesis = ’imitate’): Biomimetics consists of copying, imitating or emulating the forms or functional solutions of particular animal and plant species or natural systems. Copying natural forms, replicated natural functions and reproduced natural systems help designers, engineers, architects, and business leaders meet design challenges by creating attractive, efficient and functional products and buildings. The mimicry of natural processes, materials and solutions is an inexhaustible source of future designs and is one of society’s routes to development and innovation.

19 examples and 8 objects are the core of the exhibition.


The main results of the project were:

  • Exhibitions occupying an average space of 200 m2
  • Adaptation and travel
  • Executive project
  • Visitor’s guide
  • Educational materials
  • Support for designing the catalogue

The exhibition dates were:

  • Sept 2013-Jan 2014 (Barcelona)
  • Sept 2014-Jan 2015 (London)
  • Oct 2015- May 2016 (Lisbon)
  • Des 2016-Jan 2017 (Shanghai)
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