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Environmental and urban metabolism consultancy for the Metropolitan Urban Development Plan in Lima, Peru, 2035

Technical assistance to the Lima Municipality
Municipalidad de Lima


The aim of the project was to assist the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima in designing the Lima-Callao Urban Plan. Furthermore, and according to the final diagnosis, identifying programmes and projects to develop in terms of environmental aspects, urban metabolism, climate change and sustainable development. 

The project was divided into two different tasks:

  • Task 1: Diagnosis, vision and main objectives document, related to urban metabolism and sustainability.
  • Task 2: Report on programmes and projects connected to energy and atmosphere, noise impact, ecosystem conservation, water and sewage management, solid waste management and climate change. 


The project stages were as follows:

  • Review of preliminary documents: diagnosis, vision and main objectives of the Lima-Callao Urban Plan.
  • Identification of studies needed in the development of strategic and urban sustainability projects in the Plan.
  • Benchmarking and identification of environmental standards in sustainable urban planning.
  • Involvement in field visits, workshops and interviews on-site.

Advisory services for the final diagnosis, vision and main objectives of the Lima-Callao Urban Plan


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