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Energy monitoring at 34 municipal buildings in Rubí

  • Ramon Vilalta
Rubí City Council


In 2018, the Rubí City Council completed the integration of the energy consumption monitoring of the 34 main municipal buildings at the DEXCell Energy Manager platform (, with the support of ERF. Within the framework of “Rubí Shines project”, the City Council promotes monitoring as a control and optimization tool in order to reduce the consumption and expense of its buildings, leading by example.


The monitoring platform covers 120 points of consumption of electricity, natural gas and water and allows the automatic collection of consumption data, analyze them, alert of excess consumption and emit periodic reports.

Since the fall of 2018, the monitoring also incorporates the photovoltaic production of 5 municipal facilities. Through the Solar View application of DEXCell, the City Council can read the solar production and make the energy balance in relation to the consumption of the building in an hourly, daily, monthly and annual basis. At the same time, the performance of the photovoltaic installation is analyzed in real time

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