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What we do?

ERF is a company engaged in the efficient and effective implementation of the culture of sustainable development, working with both public and private clients. The company has pursued this mission since it was established in 1994, continuing the task begun by its founder, Ramon Folch, in the 1960s, when he worked both locally and as an international expert, particularly in Latin America and Africa.

Adopting a systemic vision and a transversal approach, ERF develops innovative concepts and practical and effective solutions focused on sustainability. As an active partner with the local authorities in Barcelona for the last twenty years, the company has contributed to the city’s urban development and transition towards sustainability. From its headquarters in Barcelona, ERF acts "glocally", adopting and international approach focus on action.

Through its team of professionals, based in Barcelona, ERF pursues its activities and shares its know-how with partners in countries in both Latin America (Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile and so on) and other regions of the world (Dubai, Turkey, Poland and Great Britain, among others).

Working in complete independence as regards criteria and technical and scientific rigour, with a client-oriented focus, the ERF team (formed by qualified, experienced professionals in the fields of ecology, engineering, architecture, geography, communication, etc.) adopts a multidisciplinary approach to provide support for companies and public institutions in their sustainable development projects.

We believe in networking. In all the projects that we undertake, we combine, whenever necessary, our own vision with that of other experts specialised in town planning and architecture, construction, carbon markets, hydrogeology, biodiversity, economics and any additional fields of know-how that may be necessary for the success of the initiative. Similarly, we are always pleased to share our experience with other consultants, professionals and academics, enriching transformative projects with our socio-environmental approach. In Latin America, we have partners in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico.

We are environmental, territorial and urban consultants; an energy efficiency and certification engineering company; and a studio for sustainable development and climate strategies. We combine a high level of specialisation with the capacity to generate powerful synergies among our different spheres of activity.