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Vision and values


We work for a world that is moving decisively towards a more sustainable and fairer social and economic model thanks to ideas, actions and projects that generate tangible positive results. This paradigm shift is the only possible solution for the survival and well-being of all the people who inhabit our planet.


  • Action based on thought, thought leading to action. ERF is an action-oriented sustainable development think tank. The company’s professional practice is based on generating knowledge and creating opinion. Moreover, a clearly results-based approach to project design and implantation, based on the ideas, concepts and techniques that ERF itself generates, provides new tools for refreshing our ways of thinking.
  • Technical and scientific rigour. ERF approaches its projects from the technical and scientific perspective, without taking hasty decisions or prejudging matters. The company’s planning tools are based on study and on finding the best available solutions, taking into account all the latest developments in technical and scientific know-how.
  • Independence. ERF is not neutral, because the company aims to achieve sustainable results. However, ERF is completely independent. Our products are the result of professional diligence, and we guarantee integrity. We render accounts to our clients without accepting constraints of any kind: economic, political or any other.
  • Our goal is the transition towards sustainability. ERF engages in projects with the aim of making the advance towards sustainability possible in the economic, social and environmental dimensions. We begin building the future today by incorporating transformative criteria and sustainable solutions into public and private projects and social initiatives. We promote qualitative and quantitative leaps forward, and we also encourage smaller steps in the right direction. 
  • Results-orientated, we initiate processes. Everything we do is aimed at achieving tangible results. We always seek to open up processes of change at all project stages, and regularly achieve our goals, affecting everything, from strategic reflection, planning, programming and design to final implementation. We help to promote processes of change in companies, public administrations and society. That is our mission.
  • Sensible ideas and innovation: the essential tools for change. We keep up-to-date with advances in knowledge, with technical developments and with social progress. We do this with the aim of moving forward more quickly and intensively towards a low-carbon economy and a fairer, more efficient world. That is why we supply our services both to those who want to take risks and become pioneers and those who prefer to wait for ideas, trends and technologies to become more firmly established before implementing action. We work with the vanguard in sustainable development, seeking to socialise and spread the solutions that we propose. Accordingly, our philosophy embraces innovation, as well as patience and persistence.