We add knowledge and team with ARCbcn

A union is born that will allow us to achieve more innovative and complex projects, and whose mission is to advance towards the sustainability of our society

This 2023, we will take a firm and decisive step forward in our sustainability efforts. Because we believe in it and because we want to be a real generator of change that brings tangible positive results. For this reason, we have reached an agreement between the engineering firm ARCbcn and the energy and sustainability consultancy ERF to build together a solid business project to enhance the knowledge and integrated services of both organizations. This synergy will allow us to achieve even more innovative and complex projects whose mission is to advance the sustainability of our society.

It is a safe and consistent bet with the professional trajectory of both companies. It means a better diversification of our services and a broadening of knowledge that will have a positive impact on the professionals of both companies and on the projects and services we offer to our clients.

We hope that the enthusiasm we have for launching this common project will be shared among our network of customers and collaborators.

ARCbcn, an engineering company driven by innovation

ARCbcn, consulting engineers is a leading engineering firm in the field of complex installations with a clear commitment to sustainability and innovation. Currently, the team is made up of more than 35 professionals with extensive experience and specific training in the fields of engineering and consulting.

Born in 2012 with the merger between the companies Armengol Enginyers and RC & Enginyers. For this reason, its name “ARC” (arch) is inspired as a symbol of connection, the link between the merger of both organizations and as a basic concept in engineering.

ARCbcn’s experience acquired over the years has positioned it as a reference engineering company, especially in Barcelona, within the framework of complex installations and European projects. Therefore, Research and Innovation are at the core of our operations, as they are conceived as the engines of growth to ensure the sustainable future of our facilities.


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