Jaume Bech

Energy consulting and building maintenance

Industrial engineer specialized in energy techniques, postgraduate in Efficient Energy Management (CETIB), experience in building maintenance and complex installations
It has LEED AP Operations and Maintenance accreditation from the USGBC


My work at ERF

Since June 2014, I have been working as a consultant on savings projects, energy efficiency and facility maintenance in administrative buildings and cultural and sports facilities. I use energy monitoring as my main work tool. My goal is to obtain energy savings by rationalizing the use of facilities. The management of schedules and lockers, the study of base consumption and billing adjustments allow savings to be achieved without investment. With the complicity of the maintenance staff and immersion in the facilities under study, it is possible to obtain good results.


My experience

As head of maintenance and general services, I was responsible for the facilities, cleaning, security and furniture of a large teaching facility between 2005 and 2012. I was a member of the occupational health and safety committee and head of intervention in the emergency plan. Previously, I worked for over six years as a technician in a maintenance services company where I also carried out energy management work.



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