Montserrat Abbey Sustainability Plan

  • Client: LARSA
  • Place: Montserrat Abbey
  • Time period: 2023-2024

Diagnosis and environmental action plan for the Abbey of Montserrat


The Plan aims to reinforce and strengthen the Abbey’s commitment to sustainability in relation to its environmental dimension. All of this in line with the contribution to the achievement of environmental goals established both at local and global level.
The Abbey – located in the Natural Reserve of Montserrat – is a major international religious and tourist destination. It comprises some fifteen buildings where, apart from those destined for religious purposes, uses related to restaurants, hotels and museums, among others, are integrated.


Having identified the aspects of environmental sustainability that are relevant to the Abbey – energy, the water cycle, waste management, mobility and the relationship with the natural environment – a diagnosis of all these areas has been carried out.
The diagnosis has identified several challenges and areas for improvement. Based on this, an action plan has been established, articulated in 6 strategic lines and 34 actions.
Of the 34 actions, up to 9 have been selected as priorities for implementation during 2024. These include the incorporation of energy monitoring, the expansion of photovoltaic solar energy, various actions to improve water resilience to new climate scenarios, the prioritization of the use of reusable products in restoration, and the follow-up of the Plan based on an annual report that evaluates indicators.

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