Energy Transition Roadmap for Eivissa

  • Client: Eivissa Council, Leading IAB
  • Place: Eivissa (Balearic Islands)
  • Time period: 2020

Energy diagnosis and proposals for action to guarantee the sustainability of the energy consumed on the island


The Roadmap for Energy Transition in Eivissa is a strategic guide for the process of conversion to clean energy, designed by the local community and for the local community. The roadmap brings together the perspectives of the island’s various stakeholders to work towards a common goal: sustainability.

The project has been carried out with the participation of various entities of the Council of Eivissa and the associative fabric of the island, and has had the collaboration of the EU Islands Secretariat, an initiative on behalf of the European Commission that ensures the energy transition of the islands.


ERF and Leading IAB have carried out the energy diagnosis of the island. It has been proven that practically 100% of the energy consumed is produced from fossil fuels.

Subsequently, action proposals have been designed to reverse this situation. Through a participatory process with the social entities of the island, their main concerns and suggestions for reducing the ecological footprint have been collected. After that, the proposals have been selected and adapted at the technical level for their materialization.

The proposals have made it possible to configure the strategic lines in three time scenarios: today, 2030 and 2050. Ultimately, the packages of measures to be adopted to meet the objectives of the EU and the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition of the Balearic Islands have been defined.

The complete document can be consulted here.

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