Elaboration of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (PAESC) of Lloret de Mar, together with IREC

  • Client: IREC - Lloret de Mar City Council
  • Place: Lloret de Mar
  • Time period: 2022 - 2023

The city council is committed to reducing the city's emissions by more than 55% by 2030


Within the framework of the European project SEACAP 4 SDG (which means Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans for the Sustainable Development Goals), driven by the Institute for Energy Research of Catalonia (IREC), Lloret de Mar City Council has developed its PAESC, assuming the commitment to reduce the city’s GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions by more than 55%, with a 2030 horizon.

This PAESC is the evolution of the PAES approved by the municipality in 2016 and goes further in the commitment to emissions reduction, as well as addressing climate resilience and energy equity, focusing the action plan on the entire municipality.


During the year 2023, work has been carried out in the PAESC of Lloret de Mar with the support of IREC. The PAESC has focused on two directions: climate change mitigation, focused on energy transition and with equity as a compass, and the municipality’s adaptation to climate change. Based on a diagnosis of the inventory of emissions and vulnerability to natural hazards, an action plan has been drawn up with 6 main lines of action: energy transition, sustainable mobility, circular economy and zero waste, efficient management of the water cycle, protection of the natural environment and biodiversity, and a cross-cutting line.

In the case of mitigation, it is observed that more than 3/4 of global consumption comes from the use of fossil fuels and that the sector with the highest GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions is transportation. In the action plan, 47 actions have been worked on, using tools that have been shared among the participants of the European project. All these actions together represent a potential saving of almost 130 ktCO2e, a reduction of 56.1% compared to 2005 emissions, with a budget of €40M.

In terms of adaptation, the diagnosis indicates that the municipality is particularly vulnerable to heat waves, the risk of forest fires and floods. The action plan includes 23 actions with a budget of almost €13M.

Lloret de Mar’s PAESC was approved last September 25, becoming the cross-cutting roadmap for the municipality’s environmental policies until 2030.

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