Assessment of the feasibility of the energy rehabilitation of four IMHAB buildings

  • Client: Municipal Housing and Rehabilitation Institute of Barcelona - IMHAB
  • Place: Barcelona
  • Time period: 2023


The objective of the work is to select a set of energy rehabilitation measures that reduce the demand and consumption of the building, and for which subsidies and grants can be obtained from Next Generation funds. To this end, the reduction in energy consumption is quantified and compared with the economic cost of the various energy saving measures.

Once the building has been shaped, improvement possibilities are evaluated and efficiency measures are proposed, understood as solutions to reduce the building’s demand and consumption. New simulations are used to evaluate and quantify the effect on the overall performance of the building of the introduction of alternative solutions to those foreseen.

The work is complemented by a study of energy calculators focused on retrofitting. The objective is to determine the accuracy of these in their application in multi-family residential buildings. The future use of calculators will speed up the rehabilitation process by giving indications on the most efficient actions.


The work carried out has made it possible to coordinate an action plan for the energy and cost efficient renovation of the buildings. Different scenarios are proposed taking into account the consumption reduction thresholds required by the subsidies.

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