Integrated management policy

In order to continue being a reference in the sector of strategic environmental, territorial, urban and energy efficiency consulting, and in energy management and audit services, ERF has implemented an Integrated Standards Management System ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in order to ensure, maintain and improve the level of service to our customers. We firmly believe that if we have managed to ensure that our clients continue to trust us, it is because through our services we provide them with security, rigour, reliability and quality levels that exceed industry standards. Our integrated system is based on the following points:

  • We are focused on providing a comprehensive service to our clients based on our consulting services, with the highest quality in all processes, improving the environment and attending at all times to the needs and expectations of clients.
  • We put the client at the centre of our business, prioritizing and giving the importance they deserve through the evaluation of their satisfaction, as well as providing constant subsequent support and monitoring.
  • We are committed to protecting the environment, promoting its integration into the company’s daily work processes, including the prevention and control of pollution, through the use of processes, practices, materials or products that avoid, reduce and control it.
  • We offer our workers and collaborators the opportunity to participate in projects with stability, security and training that are essential for their successful development. We want them to always be professionally up to date and have the necessary skills.
  • We go beyond compliance with the legal requirements of both ourselves and our clients, as we apply continuous improvement and innovation. In this sense, annually, within the framework of the Management Review, we establish the company’s quality and environmental management objectives.
  • We keep the integrated management system updated, so that it maintains its efficiency and effectiveness in the face of changes in services and the evolution of market demands, inducing a dynamic of continuous improvement in the management of the organization.
  • The management of our organization is appropriate to the nature, scale, impacts and risks in the development of activities, processes, procedures and services.
  • All environmental aspects associated with our activity are periodically controlled to continuously reduce our environmental impact.
  • The participation and consultation of workers is essential. The participation and integration of all interest groups, including suppliers and collaborators, is also sought in the quality management and environmental management of the organization. The necessary means will be established to maintain effective and permanent communication and participation at all levels.
  • The training, motivation and involvement of all staff in the application of our quality and environmental management system is guaranteed. It promotes teamwork, personal responsibility and satisfaction for a job well done, under adequate safety conditions.
  • The commitment to attain the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications is part of ERF’s journey towards ongoing improvement.
  • The integrated management policy is communicated to all company personnel. Similarly, it is reviewed annually by the company’s management. ERF MANAGEMENT sees this INTEGRATED POLICY as a fundamental part of its business, and therefore promotes its distribution to workers, suppliers and collaborators in order for them to understand and comply with it.

Environmental performance report

Informe d’acompliment ambiental

ERF is a company committed to the environment that has implemented an environmental management system according to the standard ISO 14001. In its commitment to protection and prevention of pollution, the environmental management system is periodically reviewed and evaluated with the aim of identifying actions to take to minimize the negative impact of our activity on the environment around us.

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