From Barcelona to the world

ERF has been and continues to be an active agent in the transformation of Barcelona and its metropolitan area. It has participated in multiple territorial and urban planning projects, programming and definition of energy policies, energy optimization of equipment and services, as well as environmental and climate analysis of mobility and industry with the aim of transforming Barcelona into a truly sustainable city. ERF has built up a strong presence in Barcelona and Catalonia, with extensive knowledge of the territory and the situation of its surroundings. Based on the experience acquired in this territory, it works on concepts, develops projects with a global vision, develops and promotes on the basis of all the lessons it has learned.


It has also worked on socio-environmental projects in Latin America, such as Paraguay and the sustainable building project of the Water Museum, and collaborated with the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) to develop executive projects and the museographic conception of three new tourist centres in Peru. It has also provided technical assistance on climatic, energy and socio-environmental aspects of the Metropolitan Plan of Lima-Callao. Furthermore, ERF has designed and developed multiple projects with an international perspective, such as the Environmental Atlas of the Mediterranean, and has actively participated in the European project FEEdBACk, an R&D&I initiative with CE’s Horizon 2020 funding.
Energy efficiency engineering
Environmental, territorial and urban consulting
Sustainability and climate strategies office
Strong local implementation with a global approach
International presence


Montserrat Abbey Sustainability Plan

Assessment of the feasibility of the energy rehabilitation of four IMHAB buildings

Elaboration of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (PAESC) of Lloret de Mar, together with IREC

Calculation of INCASÒL’s Carbon Footprint

Calculation of the CCCB’s Carbon Footprint

AMB Carbon Management Strategy 2030

Study to reduce climate and environmental impact of maritime transport in the Balearic Islands

Igualada’s Local Agenda 2030

Energy Transition Roadmap for Eivissa

Adaptation to climate change of the local economy of Montseny

Support for the drafting of the Sant Cugat del Vallès Climate Emergency Action Plan

Europe’s first winery with LEED BD+C environmental and energy certification

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