Explaining self-consumption to the residents of Cerdanyola del Vallès

The session dealt with the environmental, economic and social benefits of solar energy and was organized by the City Council of Cerdonyola del Vallès and the AMB.

The City Council of Cerdanyola del Vallès and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) have held a session to inform about the environmental, economic and social benefits of solar energy for all citizens, and the possibilities of grants and subsidies to finance it. The event took place in the Enric Granados Auditorium of the Municipal Library of Cerdanyola, on May 4 at 18.00 h and was attended by about thirty people who actively participated in the presentations.

The event consisted of 2 introductory speeches and the central presentation by Ivan Capdevila, director of ERF Energy & Sustainability. The first presentation, organized by the Office of Sustainability and Energy Transition, explained the latest United Nations report on the state of the climate. This presentation has provided us with the necessary knowledge, with objective and verifiable data, to understand the urgent need to change the current energy model based on fossil fuels for one based on clean and sustainable energy.

In the second presentation, the Energy Efficiency Team of the City Council presented its efficiency project for stores, restaurants and microenterprises. During the presentation, advice on energy saving bills was highlighted and a practical case of bill reading was explained. Among the topics to be discussed, the attendees showed special interest in the access and management of the “e-distribution” platform, a tool that allows users to better understand their consumption and, therefore, to choose the tariff that best suits them.

Thirdly, the main presentation was given by Ivan Capdevila, director of ERF Energy & Sustainability, in which solar energy production systems at the domestic level, both for houses and communities, were presented. Ivan explained to us in a pleasant but rigorous tone the differences between individual and collective producers, and the processes to form energy communities. During the presentation, the current subsidies and grants aimed at financing these installations were also explained, as well as the tax rebates available to citizens.

The affluence of attendees has been very participative and they have shown a great interest in explaining their personal experiences in the creation of self-production systems and the resolution of doubts. The speaker, once again, has shown his level of knowledge on the subject by answering the large number of questions, always attending to the particular casuistry of each neighbor.

The rating of the day was very positive, with an average of 8.9! 80% of the attendees found the session useful, well explained and with content in line with their expectations.

From the City Council, we take note of the comments received from the participants who consider it necessary to continue disseminating this information, and to have the possibility of expanding it: offering them technical data and specific questions on subsidies, grants and tax credits.

Several neighbors have asked about the IBI rebate system for the installation of solar panels in communities, where each one makes a contribution to the cost of the solar panels, and the beneficiaries of the energy produced is distributed between the people and the community. Economic Services of the City Council has transferred this question to the ORGT (competent body to resolve the requests for IBI rebate in Cerdanyola del Vallès). The answer is this: According to Tax Ordinance No. 1, regulating IBI, the bonus for the installation of panels is: “- In general: 50% of the total value of the installation over the 5 years of enjoyment of the bonus, with the annual limit of 500 €. Therefore the maximum amount of the bonus will be 2500 euros.” Therefore, the amount of the corresponding annual bonus (maximum 500 euros) is distributed among all the owners.

For more information, citizens can contact the Economic Services of the City Council through the following e-mail address serveiseconomics@cerdanyola.cat or directly at ORGT (orgt.cerdanyola@diba.cat).


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