ERF and ARCbcn engineering create the WATTEGA group of companies

The new company brings consulting and engineering under the same umbrella

As a result of the business union between ARCbcn and ERF, the new company WATTEGA SL has been created, which includes ARCbcn engineering and ERF consulting under the same umbrella. Both companies will continue to operate under their respective names and managers as they have done up to now, but with this new organizationthe aim of creating a solid business project that focus to provide sustainable solutions for the preservation of the environment and to ensure the well-being of society is intensified.

Since the beginning of 2023, synergies have been established and forces have been joined to build a company that leverages the knowledge and integrated services of both organizations. Wattega is the result of this unique project, being one of the leaders in the field of facility engineering, environmental consulting and a reference in the innovation ecosystem of Catalonia. The team is formed now by more than 50 professionals with experience in the fields of engineering, architecture, ecology, energy and environmental sciences, among other disciplines.

Wattega’s partners

The team

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