Carla Garcia

Environmental and territorial consulting

Environmentalist, Master in Ecology, Management and Restoration of the Natural Environment


My work at ERF

Since June 2014, my work at ERF has been based above all on socio-environmental, natural heritage or urban planning and management issues. I have contributed to environmental impact reports and analyses (Environmental report on the installation of a waste recycling facility in the Sant Jaume de Llierca area; previous environmental analysis of options for the passage of the Sentmenat - Santa Coloma Very High Voltage line as it passes through Santa Coloma de Gramenet). I am also interested in topics related to the urban environment, such as metabolism and greenery (Formulation of programmes and projects in the field of environmental aspects and urban metabolism as well as climate change and urban sustainability in Lima-Callao; principles, criteria and socio-environmental objectives of urban planning). At the same time, one of my specialties is Geographic Information systems for the generation of cartography and territorial analysis, which are applied in one way or another to a good part of the projects on which I work.


My experience

My employment history prior to ERF is articulated in areas quite far from those who currently draw my attention. During 2012, I came into contact with environmental management systems in the industrial field. Between 2013 and 2014, through the Final Degree and Master's projects, I began to undertake research, applied to the use of byproducts as an agricultural amendment.



One of the strong points of ERF is its ability to master cross-disciplinary topics through the collaborative work of a multidisciplinary team.


Expert team

We form a multidisciplinary team of professionals: engineers, biologists, environmentalists, architects, communication experts...