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Consulting in sustainable architecture

Graduated in Architecture and Master in Sustainable Architecture and Environmental Control Tools (ETSAB-UPC).


My work at ERF

Since July 2023, I have been working as a sustainable building consultant at ERF. My work is based on developing energy simulations, preparing reports, energy certifications and planning strategies for the improvement of comfort and energy performance of buildings with the aim of advising on sustainable building.
Currently, I am in the process of continuing my training related to environmental certification.


My experience

I am an architect by the School of Architecture of Barcelona and I have completed the Master of Sustainable Architecture and environmental control tools in order to expand my knowledge. During my studies I have been able to collaborate in different academic and research tasks with the Department of Urbanism of the School of Architecture of Barcelona. I have previous experience working as an architect in different offices in Barcelona specialized in residential and health projects. In addition, I have recently acquired the Passive House Designer title, awarded by the Passive House Institute.



"When the last tree is cut down, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, only then will people realize that money cannot be eaten."
Toro Sentado

Energy consulting and building maintenance

Industrial engineer specialized in energy techniques, postgraduate in Efficient Energy Management (CETIB), experience in building maintenance and complex installations
It has LEED AP Operations and Maintenance accreditation from the USGBC


My work at ERF

Since June 2014, I have been working as a consultant on savings projects, energy efficiency and facility maintenance in administrative buildings and cultural and sports facilities. I use energy monitoring as my main work tool. My goal is to obtain energy savings by rationalizing the use of facilities. The management of schedules and lockers, the study of base consumption and billing adjustments allow savings to be achieved without investment. With the complicity of the maintenance staff and immersion in the facilities under study, it is possible to obtain good results.


My experience

As head of maintenance and general services, I was responsible for the facilities, cleaning, security and furniture of a large teaching facility between 2005 and 2012. I was a member of the occupational health and safety committee and head of intervention in the emergency plan. Previously, I worked for over six years as a technician in a maintenance services company where I also carried out energy management work.



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Energy consulting and facility monitoring

Energy engineer, Certified Energy Manager (CEM) by the Association of Energy Engineers
Master in Integral Construction Management (MGIC) specializing in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency


My work at ERF

I joined ERF in March 2016. During the first years, I worked on the design, maintenance and optimization of energy monitoring systems for buildings. As well as this work, I began to participate in energy saving projects in various devices.
Little by little, I went from technical projects to more strategic or analysis work on a more global scale. In this way, in 2018 I began my collaboration in energy transition studies or Adaptation Plans for Sustainable Energy and Climate (PAESC) for local authorities and broader territories.
I continue to work in that area and also carry out energy monitoring projects and consumption optimization studies for buildings. I enjoy observing the energy behaviour of any entity and analysing small details in order to understand how the energy flow operates and how it could be minimized, thus reducing the ecological footprint and environmental impact.


My experience

I am committed to social transformation, seeing my work as an effective tool from a sustainability and gender perspective.
I finished my studies in Energy Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 2015. During the last 2 academic years, I participated in the “Rubí Brilla” project at Rubí Town Hall. The objective of the project was to provide technical support to families at risk of social exclusion to achieve significant savings on the energy consumption of their homes.
I continue training in the field of efficiency and energy management. In 2017, I took the Certified Energy Manager Course of the Association of Energy Engineers, and passed the following year.
From 2019 to 2020, I studied for a Master’s in Comprehensive Construction Management from The School of Architecture of La Salle (Ramon Llull University (URL), on sustainability and energy efficiency. These studies have provided me with essential resources when evaluating the energy system of a building, especially concerning passive systems.
Since the beginning of 2021 and until 2023 I have participated as an associate professor in two subjects of the Energy Engineering Degree at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), which has allowed me to continue with one foot in the university and constantly recycle knowledge.
My passions revolve around mountains and sustainability in multiple forms, and I feel the work I do at ERF, and the company’s criteria, fit perfectly into this.



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Energy consulting

Graduated in Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering (UPC)


My work at ERF

Since February 2023, I have been an energy consultant in the ERF office. The first project I have started working on is the renewal of the environmental quality guarantee badge of the Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, and the energy consumption studies of the Barcelona Energy Agency and Mercabarna.


My experience

I have a degree in Energy Engineering and Renewable Energies from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 2023. Previously, I have held professional internships as an energy consultant in the engineering and consulting firm ARCbcn.

Administration Manager

Senior Administrative Technician and Graduate in Criminology and Criminal Policy


My work at ERF

In 2013, I began my professional career at ERF, also as head of administration and assistant to management. During the years that I have been in charge of the administration and secretarial department, I have carried out tasks related to the organization and good governance of this department, as well as the general management of the office. Among other tasks carried out, it is worth highlighting the contracting and relationship with public administrations. I have also worked in billing, accounting and treasury management, as well as budget control and those tasks required for the company proper operation.


My experience

With over 14 years of experience as an administration and secretarial manager, my professional career has always been in the private sector, specifically in advisory and consulting activity.



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