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ERF with Ukraine

From ERF we want to express our rejection of the Russian military attack that is devastating Ukraine. An attack against human rights that has become an immeasurable source of human suffering, and that is compromising the future of thousands of refugees and generating millionaire losses that will condition the future of the country for decades.

This war highlights a fact that’s not new, but sometimes does not seem obvious enough. The fossil fuel market, in addition to being devastating for the environment, consolidates and feeds on unequal and anti-democratic political regimes; and thrives on the conflicts it generates. It’s not surprising that many companies in the sector seek millionaire benefits from the conflict.

Drastically reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and diversifying the energy sources we consume are key tools to prevent the lengthening of this war and future wars like it. And, obviously, it is the only thing that will allow us to stop the climate crisis. The International Energy Agency has proposed 10 urgent measures to reduce Russian gas consumption in one year: how to change diesel or gas boilers for aerothermal electric boilers, which consume up to 80% less, speed up the processing of new parks wind and solar; and reduce the thermostat 1ºC, among others.

Moving here is not easy; but it is necessary and urgent. For more information, we recommend you this video: 'Putin's Achilles heel' (in Spanish). 

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